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  3. Ban Information Name: halce* IP: Reason: wall+demo on Unban Time: Permanent Ban
  4. ¤ Nick:MandraKexx ¤ Grade: Administrator ¤ New Tag: | DoM!N4T3 |
  5. You will take up because u are active u help other people u help admins and also good person Your request for upgrade it’s
  6. mTz


    ★ Name:nikolas ★ IP:1895189143 ★ SteamID: STEAM_1:1: z ★ Timp:permanent ★ Motiv:demo ★ Dovada
  7. Good Admin Respect Rulus Good Activity PRO
  8. Un Pro E activ pe Servar ! Te Astptam si pe Ts
  9. Ai avut momentul tau ….
  10. Nick:molz Rank:Moderator Next Rank:Semi-Elder Gametrack: https://www.gametracker.rs/player/
  11. Vârstă (minim 16):21 Numele de pe CS:khiLee Experienta Admin [Foarte Bună/Bună/Medie]:Foarte Buna Admin de Zi/Noapte?: Zi Ore (Link game-tracker):- O sa stai on pe teamspeak cat timp esti pe server ?:Da STEAM (ON/OFF):ON Motivul pentru care vrei Admin?:Vreau sa ma reintorc sa ajut comunitatea Sunteți conștient că dacă vă abateți de la regulament primiți Remove/Down?:DA Ai citit regulamentul nostru? (Cuvant cheie).:o tigare
  12. ★ Name: / ★ IP: ★ SteamID:STEAM_1:0:1957229511 ★ Timp:permanent ★ Motiv:wall ★ Dovada "print in colsola sau demo":ss in consola
  13. Salam Aleykum I will introduce myself to you My Name Real > Youssef My Name Game > NearjemSk My Age > NNN My Activity > it's big time because I can active on here for 3months My Country > Egypt My Channel YouTube > https://youtube.com/@NearjemSk?si=a79S9ZZilRdjI5PK ----------- I registered a suggestion because I want to apply for an advanced programmer for cs1.6 . Me Developer Coder Of Cs1.6 Im Mapper , Modder , Scripter , Modeler , Sprites I can create plugins cool and maps and custom sprite and mods And models and other Proof > You Can Search About Me Name NearjemSk you can find my maps zm_Egyptian_foda ze_great_magic and other So I need from C.E.C.E.O. To Create Category Topic of home this site name topic in Counter strike developer cs For I will add ads mod or makes for sale who people like it on forum like Russo site weapons for sale and people like it on forum The second create role rank name Developer Coder woth effect electric for me and other developers Just after me back I will work for site
  14. batyNcu

    Tag batyNcu

    ► Nick: batyNcu ► Varsta:33 ► STEAM: [Link catre profilul vostru de STEAM]https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197991713573/ ► TAG-ul dorit: BRASOV
  15. ★ Name: Game_Changer ★ IP: ★ SteamID: ★ Timp: permanet ★ Motiv: aim+wall ★ Dovada "print in colsola sau demo": am demo
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